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I came to Mark through a friend from work. They said, “Just go talk to him once – the first session is free.” I went into his office the first time almost two years with simple expectations. I wanted to be able to pick up my keys in a parking lot and not totally embarrass myself. If I (God forbid) fell somewhere, I wanted to be able to get up with the least amount of damage to my psyche. I, of course, wanted to lose weight and improve my numbers at the doctors. I wanted to reduce my stress at work and the biggest thing I wanted was to have more time in my day.

Mark helped me realize these things and move onto other goals. He has been with me through 4 (four!) surgeries. He helped me prepare so that I was able have the best possible outcomes. He never made me eat anything I didn’t want to eat or do anything I didn’t want to do. He had great ideas, knew how to manage change very slightly until my habits were changed with very little gnashing of teeth on my side! I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, feel better after walking out of his studio than when I walk in. I am down 75 pounds from my highest weight, 4 pants sizes... and decreased my Diabetic medication from 2x a day, to 1x a day. Mark has truly impacted my life! 


It has been a full year since my husband suggested that we start to work with Mark Goodwin for personal training, wellness, and nutrition tips. I am delighted to say that we did exactly that – embracing Mark’s assistance in all three areas. 

During the past year, we’ve significantly changed our eating habits – to healthier foods, smaller portions, lower calorie/fat, higher fiber – and each of us has lost at least 30 pounds with Mark’s help and guidance. We have also been participating in weekly training sessions with Mark and have carried much of that training into our own home, diligently following his examples and advice on what kind and how much exercise is appropriate for us to do when he isn’t around to guide us. 

As a result, we have both dropped at least one prescription medicine from our daily routine (at our physicians’ advice and with their blessings) and I am on my way to reducing and/or eliminating two more meds. 

Speaking just for myself, my goal when I started working with Mark was to lose weight and at least one clothing size, improve my overall health, and look and feel better on a daily basis. I have accomplished that goal, feeling terrific and more energetic than I have in years and look forward to setting some new objectives for 2011. 

Judy   EXTON, PA

My experiences with Mark have been nothing short of life-changing. In a few short months, I have seen vast improvements in my fitness levels and overall well-being. By following his advice on exercise, nutrition, and balance in life, I find I have more energy and strength to face the challenges of everyday living. Thanks, Mark, for the huge lift you've given me! 


I have learned so much. I have learned how to prioritze responsibilities and needs. Not only have you taught me how to balance my time, you have also taught me the importance of nutrition. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on how to become a better person for myself and my family. I hope everyone takes advantage of your services, as it has had a tremendous impact on my life.


I'm writing to thank you for the progress I have made through working with you as my Wellness Coach. Before working with you, I had never perceived the need for outside help. I thought that I could figure things out on my own. After just one session with you, I came to realize that I knew where I was, in terms of my health, diet, activity level and stress level, but I didn't have a plan to get where I wanted to be. I have found it extremely helpful to have someone who helps me to verbalize my goals on a weekly basis, and to review those goals for accountability, helping me to identify obstacles, real or imagined. 

Dawn   EXTON, PA

Mark has shown me how to fix flavorful meals for my family and he's helped me meet my fitness goals. His work with us as a wellness coach has been phenomenal. By looking at our wellness as a related, intergrated system, Mark has been able to increase our overall sense of well being.


More Testimonials

General in Studio

I can't say enough about Mark and his BGM class (Body, Goals and Mind). I started out wanting some extra training but ended up with so much more. Mark helped me to set and achieve goals, taught me mindfulness and meditation, taught me about myself. But the most important and amazing feat was helping me to transition off my anxiety meds. I'm not going to lie, it wasn't easy, it was one of the most difficult things I have ever done but with Mark coaching me and helping me, listening to my stress, helping me to breathe, meditate, "flip the switch" through HIIT, he helped me cope with this transition and I can't thank him enough! Everyone should give themselves the gift of All-N-Won. It truly has changed my life and I have made a forever mentor, coach and friend.


Mark's positive approach and coaching have helped me strive towards being my best self.  Thanks to Mark, I even achieved my longtime goal of completing a full marathon!  With mindfulness, discipline, and heart, he taught me you can achieve your goals.  Mark's expertise in wellness coaching, personal training, and as a former executive chef all come together to help you set and achieve your goals. Class BGM (Body, Goal, Mind) is a fun and supportive small group class that really ties it all together with HIIT (high-intensity interval training), wellness goal setting and review, and meditation. You can count on lots of support and accountability.   I highly recommend giving this class a try!


I have been working with Mark all through chemotherapy, radiation and now a fractured ankle.  He has customized plans as my needs have changed.  You know those people who you wonder "how did I survive without them?"   Mark is that for me!   I recommend anyone talking to Mark about your needs to get back on track or on track for the first time!


Mark is fantastic!  Not only is he an incredible person, but his approach to working on the physical and mental side of health was very important to me.  The group environment was positive, supportive and fun.  I felt challenged and re-charged through HIIT training and goal setting.  Ending each session with meditation left me feeling positive and relaxed.  So glad to have met Mark and been involved in his program.


Trustworthy, professional, educated, sincere...

Mark is all of those things and more.  I have had a personal experience of working with him and he is the best.   I will continue to work with Mark always.   He makes YOU put yourself first.


Mark is an amazing coach. I have learned from him not only how to make better food choices and exercise, but overall happiness, wisdom, and mindfulness. I am truly grateful that I found such a wonderful coach.


TMG Health Corp “Process of Wellness” seminar from those who attended.

 I am able to relate to much of Mark’s story. The presentation was attention-grabbing and informative. Mark seems very dedicated to his career. You definitely exceeded expectation!


I feel like it is not impossible. I feel like I can do it. Baby Steps…I do believe I am ready!


You really motivated me, made me happy, and gave me great tips to things I’m struggling with(ADD, depression, stress, weight loss)


Relatable, funny, spoken with ease.


You hit some personal spots, which made me really start to think about choices I have to make.


Thanks Mark Goodwin, we really enjoyed it. Cannot believe you got 90 people to meditate all at the same time.  (Radley Run Country Club-Joe Mendez . GM)


Addiction and Recovery Expo 2017

You are an amazing man! I just cherish your gentle spirit encouraging spirit. I see the tragic results of addiction every day and I'm thankful .. so thankful that there are folks like you inspiring people!❤️

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