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Change Minds with Mark.

Your Wellbeing Partner and Navigator


  • Corporate workshops and leadership seminars

  • Work-life balance programs

  • Mindfulness and Environmenal Influences

  • and more business settings


  • 30-, 60- or 90-minute presentations (lecture format with interaction)

  • Webinars

  • 1 hour to half- or full-day workshops (interactivity, group discussions)

Mark Goodwin is an Inspirational Well-being Speaker and Lifestyle Medicine Coach whose passion is to maximize the rate of success for those who desire and dream to finally make lasting lifestyle changes and habits. Mark offers on-site classes, webinars and speaking engagements. 

We are a dopamine/reward and cortisol/stress driven society!

It’s all about 100% achievement: All or Nothing-personal, business, cultural expectations, and rewards. So much of our thoughts, feelings, and actions are based on our beliefs, habits, perspectives, and fears. Where is this coming from?

We have access to endless motivational books and seminars, YouTube videos, fad diets, exercise programs and experts advice on how to realize our greatest dreams, the ideal job, and body type!


So why are obesity, chronic lifestyle diseases, chronic stress, job burnout, addiction, insomnia, loneliness, hopelessness, resignation, anxiety, and depression so prevalent in our society?


The first question is not what “plan to write or action we need to take?”

The first question is “What influencers are blocking us from achieving what we desire most in our health, at work and living life!”



"Are you Swimming, Treading Water and/or

Drowning in Health, Work and/or Life?”

1-hour introduction seminar or half/full day Team Building Workshop


We cannot separate Our Health, Our Work/Career and Our Personal Life!

This seminar is designed to maximize your success rate and gain a strong understanding of what has been holding you or your team back.

  What are you doing right and review your current vision and goals?

Accepting the same old routines and approaches expecting different results?  

Where are the areas you are seriously stressing and struggling…WHY without judgment.


The question we need to ask as individuals, couples, employees, leaders, parents, friends, groups and business owners are….Are you Swimming, Treading Water and/or Drowning?

First being aware of what is influencing us on a daily basis is the foundation of our long term success in achieving what we truly desire in our health, work, and life. From what we “Carry” with us (internal influences), what is surrounding us (Environmental and social influences), to our perspectives and the acceptance of these influences. 

Finally gaining an understanding of where you are today and why creates the starting point of habits that can impact you the most personally and professionally. Discover the direction you are ready to commit to and start the steps to long term success and fulfillment.


The important intention of this seminar.

 Identifying and the effect of our environments on individuals and the company culture.

We are all Leaders: The impact of the internal influences health, productivity, social engagement, and success.

Our Dock-Our Foundation and the Five “P Sandwich.

Your Purpose, Perspective, Planning, Preparation, and Your People

S.T.O.P: Simple understand of Mindfulness and the importance of Treading Water

One or two action steps to develop into a keystone habit.

Separate goals and intention can be developed prior to your ½ or full day workshop.


Additional seminars I highly enjoy to deliver which are current, fun and thought-provoking!


Chronic Stress, Excessive Sitting and Poor Food Choices are the Health Crisis!

Stress: The Ultimate Connection! 

Positive and Chronic Stress-Your Stressometer​!

 Mindful Stress and Growth: Perspective, Acceptance, and Challenges.

Fight, Flight or Freeze vs Tend and Befriend!

Exercise and Stress-Meditation and Stress.

S.T.O.P: Simple understanding of Mindfulness and the importance of Treading Water

3 types of Chronic Job Stress and Work Culture-Should be presented to senior then middle leadership prior to line staff.

This seminar includes a small tasting, walking and guided meditation period.



P.O.S.T - Prolonged Occupational Sitting Time

 Intentional Walking.

 Risks factors of excessive sitting and benefits of walking habit

Overcoming obstacles and developing of S.M.A.R.T goals

Bring Back Recess!

Intentional Walking: Social, Positive Business, Mindful and Cardio.

This seminar includes all members to try all forms of walking.


Nutrition Confusion with Chef’s Tasting and Discussion. 

One of my Favorites!

One of the hottest topics that bring out strong opinions and confusion for almost all of us!  How did we get here?

Are you eating for Pleasure, Health or Weight loss?

 Dopamine and the Processed, Fast Food and Casual Dining Industry.

 Influencers: Culture/Genetics, Habits and Environment.

The Experts, Media, and Beliefs-Who do we believe?

Current Diets-What are the differences and similarities, and one common link?

This seminar has an active food tasting and discussion. Up to 15 pp will participate in the tasting but the discussion and seminar is still great for a large group.

Mark guides listeners to positive change by blending his story ("My Life of Amazing Second Chances"), the influences of positive psychology and mindfulness, and his love of food, laughter, and life!


Your Wellbeing Partner and Navigator


One of "33 Men To Watch"

Main Line Today Magazine, 2004


I am able to relate to much of Mark’s story. The presentation was attention-grabbing and informative. Mark seems very dedicated to his career. You definitely exceeded expectation!



I feel like it is not impossible. I feel like I can do it. Baby Steps…I do believe I am ready!



You really motivated me, made me happy, and gave me great tips to things I’m struggling with(ADD, depression, stress, weight loss)



Relatable, funny, spoken with ease.



You hit some personal spots, which made me really start to think about choices I have to make.



Thanks Mark Goodwin, we really enjoyed it. Cannot believe you got 90 people to meditate all at the same time.  (Radley Run Country Club-Joe Mendez . GM)

"Life hits us every day with simple to life-changing obstacles. These affect us through environmental influences, and our often emotionally driven brain. To live the highest quality life possible, we need to keep our strongest motivators in front of us, along with realistic and measurable progressive goals."


"Mark - I wanted to thank you for the session! We've gotten some great feedback from the team and they have been sharing their goals and their "one step" to move forward on their wellness journey!!"



"...The team is sharing their action steps in spirit of community. I really appreciate the structure and guidance you shared. It was very insightful."


Booking Mark

Every company, and therefore every program Mark will deliver, is unique. Mark customizes each speaking engagement to fit his message into your larger themes.


Contact me today to provide the details about your event or speaking opportunity and I will get back to you right away.


Contact me!


As a Retired Naval Reserve Chief Petty Officer, Mark offers the ability to work with all leaders and managers to understand and believe that their active and visible support is one of the foundations of successful wellness programs and engaged culture that will impact the company’s long-term financial success.

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