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“Whole Body and Mind Approach”


My Lifestyle Medicine Coaching and Education involves the use of evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic approaches, such as progressive and flexible Whole Food, Plant-Based diet, exercise, sleep, mindful stress perception, h­ealthy relationships, alcohol moderation and Tabacco cessation, and other non-drug modalities to prevent, treat and often times reverse the lifestyle-related chronic diseases that are all to prevalent.


The approach uses Mindfulness, Food Choices, Activity and Environmental to help people who have previously been unsuccessful with diet and exercise plans.


This whole-body-and-mind approach is also supportive for people battling addiction or in recovery; those with ADD; those with anxiety or stress disorders; and even those who are satisfied with their bodies and mental health but wish to make greater progress toward reaching life goals. Because clients are guided by an executive chef, certified personal trainer and certified wellness coach, you're getting three coaches in one, all maximizing your personal success.

Classes & Programs

Class BGM

3 Month Lifestyle Medicine Coaching Program

I have been working with Mark all through chemotherapy, radiation and now a fractured ankle.  He has customized plans as my needs have changed.  You know those people who you wonder "how did I survive without them?"   Mark is that for me!   I recommend anyone talking to Mark about your needs to get back on track or on track for the first time! 


 Mark is fantastic!  Not only is he an incredible person, but his approach to working on the physical and mental side of health was very important to me.  The group environment was positive, supportive and fun.  I felt challenged and re-charged through HIIT training and goal setting.  Ending each session with meditation left me feeling positive and relaxed.  So glad to have met Mark and been involved in his program.


Individual or groups up to six people


Your program will be specifically based on

What do You desire most?

What is most important to you?

Where do you spend most of your time?

What changes are you ready to make?


My program includes

 18-page Wellbeing Assessment and other questionnaires.

12-50 minute Facetime or Phone calls including 1.5-hour Starting Point Call.

  Swimming, Treading Water and/or Drowning in Health, Work and Life Influencer Discovery

Where am I ready to Change worksheet?

Development of 3-6 month Health, Work and/or Life Vision and S.M.A.R.T Intentions

Weekly Intention Sheet for Your Why, Obstacles, Food Choices, Activity, and Life/Work balance

Weekly topic discussions and videos for review.

Week 1: Understand Your Brain and how to flip the switches!

Stress: The Ultimate Connection!

Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness.

Overcoming Obstacles and Letting Go.

Nutrition Confusion and what is best for you?

Culinary Coaching: How can Chef Mark help?


The individual sessions will be a blend of focusing on “What is need now” such as education on an area of interest or coaching on specific topics or intentions.

Coaching is not giving advice. Coaching is your discovery of what you truly desire, S.M.A.R.T intentions and overcoming the obstacles holding you back!


*Coaching/client agreement contract is put in place at start of the program.

Sessions are always being added;

contact Mark to be kept informed of future class sessions.

The Fine Print

Payment will be due at the beginning of the month.


Please contact Mark if you're unable to attend a session to see if an alternate time before the end of the month for day and time that may be available.


We require twenty-four-hour notice for any individual coaching cancellations or rescheduling. Less than 24 hours cancellation for non-emergency reasons will be charged for the session.


These policies are for your success also; commitment to the time and consistency of your sessions is the foundation of long-term lifestyle changes and habits.

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