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How is your Wellbeing?


  • Does stress, balancing neglect and guilt consume most of your days?

  • Have you been chasing what you want in your health, work, and life but can’t seem to achieve it?

  • Are there periods during your day or week when you just want to feel better?


Wellbeing Elements: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social


As a Certified Wellness/Lifestyle Medicine Coach, Corporate Wellness Specialist, Personal Trainer, and Executive Chef my research interest and program development has been focused on the effects of exercise, culinary nutrition, group wellness coaching and meditation on the brain and body relating to stress, habits and well-being including the impact of internal and environmental influences leading to living the highest quality life possible and an engaged, positive work culture.

My Body, Goal and Mind Concept


In 2016 I rolled out Class BGM: Body, Goal and Mind. In the summer of 2018 I closed my studio to focus on Corporate Wellness and Inspirational Wellbeing Speaking. Please take a couple minutes to review my video because this is still the foundation and my approach to what I will deliver to you.

BGM Video and Group Coaching Video

BGM Overview Video 2016

All the greatest and most important problems of life are fundamentally insoluble...

They can never be solved, but only outgrown. 

~ Carl Jung ~

Here are some of the businesses, health care groups and organizations Mark has presented over the years.​​


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